Welcome to Lots Gap Mountain Daylilies is located in the mountains of southwestern Va.
We have been growing daylilies for many years but since 2008 we've gotten into growing many varieties of cultivars.
We're excited about the upcoming season of 2018 and look forward to a lot of new blooms this year. We currently grow over 600 different cultivars in our Zone 6 garden where our peak bloom starts around the first week of July depending on the weather.

We will be having Open Garden starting June 25th thru July 10th this 2018 season.

Visitors are welcome to come by anytime.

When possible please call in advance so we can make sure someone is here to greet you and show you around.
Phone: 276-620-9175

All information on the daylilies comes from the AHS database.

All daylilies are sold as (Double Fans or 2 Single Fans unless noted otherwise).

(Display Only) means that daylily is being held back for increase.

(Sold Out) means we no longer have that particular daylily.

Shipping is from May1st to June 1st and from August 1st to September 30th.

All orders after October 1st. will be shipped the following spring after May15th.

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