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                                                       "Redwood" (Hill H.M., 1948)

We have been growing daylilies for quite a few years now. I got my first daylilies in the spring of 1978 when I was turkey hunting and came up on the ruins of an old house. The only thing left was a few rock footers and two big clumps of some kind of flowers that were getting ready to bloom but hadn't opened yet. Since I have a degree in Horticulture and I love flowers I came back in about a week and they were all blooming. They were the old orange daylilies but one clump were orange doubles. Since I was hunting with a shovel this time and not a gun I dug me a small clump of each and still have them today along with about 680 other sizes and colors. Daylilies are addictive and I can't seem to get enough. I'm always seeing a new daylily that is different and I just got to have it. So once you're hooked there is no turning back. We're excited about the upcoming season and look forward to a lot of new blooms this year.

Most pictures are from my garden but some pictures are from different sources and will be noted of their origin when possible. Hopefully by the end of each New Dayliles first season it will be replaced with my own picture.

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